Tanker 11

Tanker 11.JPG (972423 bytes) T-11 is a 2012 Rosenbauer/International 7400 4 door, 5 firefighter cab. It carries a compliment of tools and ladders along with 3000 gallons of water and a 3500 gallon dump tank. It has a Hale 1500 gallon per minute pump along with a foam system that supplies 100 gallons of class B foam and 20 gallons of class A foam. This vehicle gives us flexibility when 2 pumpers and extra firefighters are needed, yet still gives us an ISO 8B insurance rating in the Township for the amount of water carried. Tanker 11 can supply water to another engine either directly or through water shuttling via its 3500 gallon dump tank. Tanker 11 is also capable of drafting water from nearby water sources. Tanker 11 is frequently called by other jurisdictions as a mutual aid tanker.

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