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station_small_blue.JPG Station

The fire station is the center of activity when members are not on calls.  We have two full time employees and during the day, volunteers come to work and chat.

Copy of DCP_0380.JPG (548035 bytes) Storm Spotting

In the event of severe weather the fire department sends out vehicles to spot for tornados or other weather related hazards.  As all of the people in Cedarville run to the safety of their homes, the fire department responds to prearranged locations in the township to ensure the safety of Cedarville.  

DCP_0979.JPG (1166733 bytes) Cedarfest

Every year the village of Cedarville holds Labor Day festivities called Cedarfest.  The fire department provides a pancake breakfast for the community at the firehouse.  The people of Cedarville greatly enjoy eating breakfast at the firehouse every year while celebrating the birthplace of Labor Day.

DSC00450.JPG (511495 bytes) Fires

Structural fires are infrequent but the most time and work intensive type of calls we receive.  Click to see some of our volunteers hard at work fighting fire.

Fire Training

Every week throughout the year the members of the Cedarville Fire Department go through continual training to keep our skills honed.  Click to see our members hard at work training for the next big incident.

On Call 

CTVFD averages about 700 calls each year constituting thousands of volunteered man hours to protect and serve the community of Cedarville.  Click to see a glimpse into the life of a Cedarville firefighter.

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