Medic 11 Rider's Training

Medic 11 is set up very similar to Medic 13.  There are a few subtle differences but for the most part they are the same and training on one qualifies as training on the other. To view training on Medic 13, click here

External Compartments

Passenger Side

Medic 11 Officer Side Front Compartment.JPG (774844 bytes)Officer Side Front Compartment:
(Provides access to interior cabinet)

Manual and Portable Suction
Difficult / Rescue Airway Bag
Reflective Safety Vests
Pedi Bag
First-in Bag
O2 Bag

Medic 11 Officer Side Rear Compartment.JPG (1186118 bytes)Officer Side Rear Compartment
(Immobilization Compartment)

Long backboards (tall compartment)
Blue bag with head blocks, straps, and C-collars
Stair Chair
Spare C-collars
Spare head blocks and straps

Driver Side

Medic 11 Driver Side Front Compartment.JPG (942097 bytes)Driver Side Front Compartment

Onboard Oxygen tank

Medic 11 Driver Side Middle Compartment.JPG (821128 bytes)Driver Side Middle Compartment

Traction Splints
Vacuum splints

Medic 11 Driver Side Rear Compartment.JPG (888018 bytes)Driver Side Rear Compartment

Fire Blanket
Duct Tape
Caution Tape
Rescue Disk
Full Body Vacuum Splint

Internal Compartments (patient area)

Driver's Side 

Medic 11 Compartment 1.JPG (738313 bytes)Compartment 1
(Airway supplies)

Nasal cannulas
O2 Supply Tubing
Non-rebreather masks
Nebulizer supplies/masks
ET tubes for intubation
Lubricated ETT Stylets for Intubations
Tongue Depressors
Lube (Surgilube)
Sterile Gloves
Yankauer Suction Tips
Suction Catheters (French Tip)
Nasal Aspirator
Spare Suction Canister

Medic 11 Radio and Command Desk.JPG (803870 bytes) Radio and Command Desk

Radio (used to call the hospital)
Cell phone
Controls for Air Conditioning, Heat, Interior Lights, Vent Fan, Blower, Suctioning, and O2
Oxygen port
Suction Cylinder with Yankauer Tip
Sharps box
Electric Razor and Charger
CPR Mask
Tape, Pen Light, Pens, Trauma Shears, and Forcepts
Protocol Books
Protocol Quick Reference Guide
Additional reference sheets

Medic 11 Compartment 2.JPG (694151 bytes)Compartment 2 (Bandaging)

Adult and Pedi Defibrilation Pads and Paddles
Alcohol Wipes / Finger Polish Remover
Trauma Dressings
2x2's, 4x4's, Kerlex Rolls
Abdominal Pads
Triangular Bandages
Nursing Drug Handbook
Hand Sanitizer
Ammonia Inhalants
Spare Electric Razor Heads
Spare Glucometer Lancets
Extra Cardiac Monitor Paper

Medic 11 Compartment 3.JPG (678306 bytes)Compartment 3 (Heating Pad)

Blood Tubing
IV Tubing (15gtt (Macro), 60gtt (Micro))
IV Start Bag
IV Fluids (1000ml bag)

Medic 11 Compartment 4.JPG (809218 bytes)Compartment 4

IV Fluid Bags (250ml, 1000ml) NS

Medic 11 Compartment 5.JPG (777813 bytes)Compartment 5

SAM Splints
Ice Packs

Medic 11 Compartment 6.JPG (675973 bytes)Compartment 6

OB Kits
Face Shields
Isolation Kits
Clean Up Kits
Biohazard Bags
Sterile Irrigation Bottles (Water / Saline)
Burn Sheets

Medic 11 Drug Bag Compartment.JPGDrug Bag Compartment

Drug Bag

CTVFD Fanny Pack (For Med Administration)

Passenger Side (facing front of ambulance)

Medic 11 Supplies Rack.JPG (823824 bytes) Supplies rack

Manual and Portable Suction
Difficult / Rescue Airway Bag
Pedi Bag
First-in Bag
O2 Bag
Reflective Safety Vests

Medic 11 Under Bench Seat.JPG (701298 bytes) Under Bench seat

Spare linens
Blankets, towels, sheets, pillows

Medic 11 Over Bench Seat.JPG Over Bench seat

Morgan Lens
Extra Blood Pressure Cuffs
Polaroid Camera and Film
Stuffed Animals (for Pedis)

Medic 11 Over Bench Seat 2.JPG Over Bench seat 2

PPE Gloves


Requirements for checking off on Medic 11/Medic 13

  1. Knows location of outside compartment equipment
  2. Knows location of inside equipment including bags
  3. Proper use of radio to encode the hospital
  4. Knows how to use the cell phone and find numbers for hospitals
  5. Knows how to use cardiac monitor / apply electrodes and defib pads
  6. Knowing what should be charging when vehicle is plugged in
  7. Familiar with the paperwork in the clipboard
  8. Proper cot operation/loading and unloading
  9. Blood borne pathogens training
  10. Spinal Clearance video

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