All members who desire to be drivers for any of the vehicles must know the roads in the village and township of Cedarville.  Members will be tested on their knowledge of the roads by filling in a blank map.  Below are the filled in maps of the village and township of Cedarville.  Cedarville township boundaries are marked.

Village Map

Township Map

The map test for driving fire department vehicles consists of correctly filling out a blank map of the village and township.  Below are blank maps for practice.  Township boundaries are clearly marked.

Unlabeled Village Map

Unlabeled Township Map

Members who drive the squads need to have a generalized knowledge to the location of the major hospitals.  In each squad there is a mapbook with driving directions to the hospitals but members should have a foundational knowledge of how to get to each hospital.  The following are directions to the most common hospitals to which we transport patients.  Distances and times from Cedarville are approximate.

Greene Memorial Hospital - Xenia 9 miles 15 min.
Community Hospital - Springfield 14 miles 20 min.
Children's Medical Center - Dayton 25 miles 40 min.
Miami Valley Hospital - Dayton 25 miles 40 min
Kettering Medical Center - Kettering 30 miles 45 min.

Hospital Maps adapted from Garmin Mapsource METROGUIDE USA.  Used with permission.

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