Fire Code Considerations

Commercial structures in Cedarville are subject to annual fire safety inspections by Cedarville Fire Department's Fire Safety Inspector.  This following are some considerations to expedite the the fire safety inspection process and make the inspections for the Cedarville business owners and the Cedarville Fire Department.

Address Numbers - We ask that you post your address number on your building.  This makes it much easier for Fire/EMS personnel to locate your building in the event of an emergency.  House numbers can be easily acquired from local hardware stores.

Surge Protected Power Strips - Power strips are allowed to be used but all strips must be surge protected.  Surge protected power strips can be identified by a reset button somewhere on the strip.  Power strips are not allowed to be connected in series.

Extension Cords - Extension cords may be used temporarily but may not be left plugged into electrical sockets.  If left in place, extension cords must not be wired under rugs or carpet and must not present a tripping hazard.

Electrical Adaptors - Multi-plug electrical adaptors are only allowed if they are surge protected.

Fire Extinguishers - Commercial structures ae required to have fire extinguishers and must not be expired.  Extinguisher expiration date can be checked on the attached information tag.  Also extinguishers are required to be serviced every year.

Exit Signs - Illuminated exit signs in place must maintained and in good working order so as to provide clear directions in the event of an emergency.  As a courtesy for occupants in older commercial structures we ask that you post at least a plastic exit sign. 

Exposed Electrical Ducting - Exposed wires in electrical conduit or junction boxes need to be covered.  If you have exposed electrical wiring please remedy the problem.  Electrical outlets and switches must have a cover.

Hallways - All items that may cause a trip hazard must be either removed or the hazard eliminated.  Hallways must remain clear of any items.  Hallways or isle ways must be at least 30" wide.

Ceiling Clearance - Rooms without sprinklers must have a 24" clearance between stored items and the ceiling.  For rooms with sprinklers clearance must be 18".

Electrical Panel and Furnace - Electrical panel and Furnace equipment must have at least a 30" clearance.

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